Who is Tuxtop?

First, let me say that Tux is the mascot for all things Linux.

Tuxtop is me, John C. Lasne. I am an author and storyteller who is also a Linux enthusiast. I am not an expert, just an everyday Linux user. I have been using Linux in various formats for years now and have watched it develop into a world class Operating System that competes successfully against Windows and Apple OS.

Let me take a moment and say that I am not a Windows or Apple hater. I have and use: an Ipad and Ipad mini, two Android tablets, a Windows laptop and three Linux/Windows laptops. There are things I like about all of them, but I do find the Linux laptop to be the best for me overall.

By the way the Apple operating system, including iPad, iPhone, and computer is built on Unix. Unix is the parent of Linux and grandparent of Android, so they are relatives. Windows has recently begun embracing open source, so we are all becoming one happy family. My goal is not to prove one system is better than another, it is just to promote the use of Linux as an alternative to the others.


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