Tuxtop – Linux for the Desktop

Welcome to Tuxtop.

Linux runs 96 of the world’s top 100 supercomputers. The FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Military, NASA, and many others run Linux because of its flexibility and security.

If you are here hopefully you are at least interested in Linux as a desktop, if not already a user. Maybe you have never even heard of Linux, and that is ok too.

Even if you are unfamiliar with Linux you have been using and benefiting from open source, Unix based software if you have:

Ever been to the doctor or spent time in a hospital, driven a car with a computer chip, have an automatic coffee maker, a smart phone, smart tv, an iPad, iPhone, and on and on? So spend a little time here and tell your friends about us as we together explore and learn about Linux as a desktop.

Please take the time to check out my new LFE Project and help me spread Linux around the world.