Raspberry Pi: a tasty little Linux

If you haven’t heard of the Raspberry Pi you are missing out on one of the most unique and wildly successful uses for Linux. I use mine as a media server and it runs 24/7 for a couple bucks a year (if that) worth of power and will play any video, audio, or media I throw at it. Plugged into my TV with hdmi the Pi doesn’t even need an internet connection to work for a media server.

I can also boot to a Linux version for the Pi and browse the web or most anything else I can with a computer. In fact I am writing posting this on my Pi right now using a wireless keyboard with trackpad. As you can see it is a pretty nifty little device and super portable. The best part is, for around $50 buck you can be enjoying your Pi.



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One comment on “Raspberry Pi: a tasty little Linux
  1. […] If you want a very efficient media server for your home than consider running a Linux distro and using Plex media server to stream to your smart tv, Roku, etc. I have an older netbook that serves an a full time media server. It sits in the closet and runs 24/7. I am running Linux Mint XFCE 18 as my OS streaming to a Roku stick. Another device I use as a media server is the Raspberry Pi. […]

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