Security on the Internet has become a very big problem. Everyday people are having their personal data, passwords, and worse stolen from their computers. There IS a way to make yourself immune from this disease. Nothing is 100% but this method can get you to 99.9%

Read this and get started securing your computing right away. Read and Heed.

To be secure in you computing life there are certain steps you must take.

  1. Use common sense and don’t do things like opening an email titled “I am an Arabian Prince and I have a billion dollars in a Swiss account and…” or anything that says “You have won”. You get the idea.
  2. Do not ever connect to a public wi-fi, including the library, to do ANY banking or other financial business.  In fact, be aware that every keyboard click or screen touch can be recorded by the hacker sitting across the room. He/She won’t be wearing a “I am a hacker” tee-shirt.
  3. Keep your computer updated, and that includes Windows, Mac, Linux and any other OS you may be running.
  4. Consider running something like Porteus or another portable distro. Make sure for things like banking or surfing to unsecured web sites (by the way you won’t know for sure if any site is secure) your portable distro will allow you to run in non-persistence mode.
  5. to be continued…
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