What is the best MS Office replacement?

I have been checking the several Microsoft Office replacements available for Linux. The main candidates are:

  1. LibreOffice    www.libreoffice.org
  2. WPS Office    www.wps.com
  3. OnlyOffice     www.onlyoffice.com

I used the following parameters:

  1. The program had to run without any special extra work other than just installing.
  2. The office suite had to be able to open MS Office doc and docx files with a minimum of format changes.
  3. Files had to be able to save as PDF as well as the usual types.

OnlyOffice took the early lead but because of some missing features soon dropped to second place behind WPS.

WPS has multiple document tabs and does a pretty decent job of importing .doc and .docx files as well as handling PDF very well.

LibreOffice has no tab feature (despite that being on the wish list for a long time) and does a very poor job of importing.

to be continued…


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